The # 1 to wear with jeans this fall

After months, months, dresses, shorts and swimsuits, fashion girls finally wear jeans, but what they wear has evolved as each fall. Last year, we were all for “jeans and a cute top”, and although this look is still relevant, everyone has collectively decided to add a little more shine to his jeans outfit for the first time. autumn 2018, and they also do textured jackets and blazers. You now know what to wear with jeans this fall.

We looked at the best denim outfits of the season and found an elegant woman who combined her jeans with a textured mattress top, either on a t-shirt or turtleneck, or buttoned up like a top (nothing about it). The combination of this outfit has charm: it is versatile enough to be worn at work, evenings, weekends or traveling.

Browse the fashion shows to see the outfit in action at the latest Fashion Weeks and shop for the look-inspired textured jackets and blazers.

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