Everyone used this old-fashioned style trick at Fashion Week

Matching accessories have always been one thing. In the late eighties and early nineties, the idea of ​​buying bags and shoes that were not literally made of the same fabric rarely came to mind. Fast to the present day, and we certainly see the attractiveness. After all, we can barely have enough energy to get up in the morning, not to mention the precious time to sleep otherwise, to choose carefully chosen extensions.

No wonder then that Kate Middleton, the industrious bee she is, finds solace in coordinating props. And it seems that other women share the same feeling, because we noticed that Match-Matchy purchases invade the dress code of our favorite girls in fashion.

We dismissed it as unimportant, but when we had several visitors of the month of fashion with the same stuff, we knew we were in something. When you combine your bag with your dress, it quickly becomes the fashionable style of the season, and we’re there – especially because it will greatly facilitate the preparation.

Whether with the same print or fabric, or simply with a complementary hue, hold your bag to your dress and, once adjusted, you’re on the right track.

The best part? There are many dresses and matching bags for all occasions and budgets, so everyone can participate.

From Es Prints to rather more feather details, scroll down to buy our best costume outfit – simpler duets now available. Then think about what you will do with this extra time in your hands.

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