Wear the worst shoes in the office

It can sometimes be difficult to navigate the control of your wardrobe in a professional environment. It’s often a difficult balance between personal style and professional style in a work environment – and shoes are no exception. The problem becomes even more complicated when fashion enters the equation. What are the best styles of clothing and which should you jump to the office?

To convince me of a veteran of the fashion industry and a professional office environment, I asked Who What Wear’s editor, Michelle Scanga, for her assessment of the best-selling shoes in the office – and the style she would not recommend. “Wearing shoes that you can not be sure of is a big no in my book,” she says, “with dizzying heels.”

Although her stilettos are a no in her book, she has some recommendations on what to wear. “I think it’s better to be on the more conservative side and choose a moderate heel,” she says, “or you can not go wrong with a square heel.”

If you are looking for new office fit shoes that are also fashion approved, check out my edition of the best new styles added to your wardrobe now.

Average heel height

As Scanga recommends, a moderate heel is always a good choice for the office. You can choose a style that ranges from closed bridle pumps to open sandals and ankle boots, depending on your personal style and the culture of your office.

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